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Sail into a Culinary Voyage with Oceania Cruises

In October 2024, travelers aboard the Marina on Oceania Cruises will embark on a food journey during the debut of their Culinary Masters’ Cruise, presenting food lovers with the opportunity to enjoy fine dining experiences, special gastronomy events and exclusive access to its talented culinary crew.

This bespoke voyage also presents Oceania’s exclusive status as the only cruise line to be led by two chefs honored by the world renown Association of Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, Alexis Quaretti and Eric Barale. 

Oceania Chefs

Exploring The Culinary Masters’ Cruise Itinerary

The Culinary Masters’ Cruise 10-day itinerary is carefully developed to include a selection of amazing destinations that reveal the rich gourmet heritage of the Mediterranean and Adriatic regions.

With a myriad of international flight connections through London, Frankfurt, Munich and Paris, among others, guests will have the opportunity to explore renowned food hotspots starting from the historic port city of Valletta, Malta and ending in the vibrant streets of Rome, Italy. Ports of call include Kotor in Montenegro; Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia; Bari, Naples and Catania in Italy; and Corfu and Katakolon in Greece.

Oceania - Culinary Masters' Cruise Itinerary Map

The Culinary Masters’ Cruise Experience

Guests aboard the Culinary Masters’ Cruise can look forward to many curated events designed to enhance their voyage, such as gourmet tours in ports, expert-led wine tasting onboard, live cooking demonstrations by Chef Alexis and Eric (plus their special guests) and insightful panel discussions. These events will afford participants the opportunity to engage with the culinary staff and gain valuable insights into their craft.

One of the highlights of the cruise is Oceania’s signature gala seafood brunch, a lavish affair featuring an array of delectable seafood fine dining. This exclusive event, usually reserved for ship launches, allows travelers to indulge in the elegant gourmet creations prepared by the onboard chefs.

Additionally, themed Chef’s Market Dinners at The Terrace Café provide guests the chance to savor dishes inspired by the destinations visited. These meticulously crafted multi-course menus display the onboard culinary team's creativity and commitment to using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local markets.

Oceania also proudly partners with Wine Spectator and Moët & Chandon to offer extraordinary pairing dinners. The six-course Dom Pérignon Experience, curated by Executive Chef Marco Fadiga, marries Dom Pérignon vintages with dishes such as Sakura Tea “Geisha Flower” ice cream, while the indulgent seven-course La Cuisine Bourgeoise wine pairing dinner masterfully pairs curated wine selections with dishes such as Filet de Boeuf Rôti Richelieu.

The Marina: A Ship for Foodies

As a vessel dedicated to showcasing the “finest cuisine at sea,” Marina has a range of amenities and features designed to elevate the onboard dining experience for the 1,250 travelers on the ship. 

Marina sets the standard with expansive galley space, large fresh food storage, state-of-the-art cooking facilities called the Culinary Center and a devoted team of gastronomic professionals. To ensure impeccable and intimate service, the ship has one chef for every 10 guests, with half of the crew on board reserved for cooking or serving dishes. 

From the Culinary Center, where guests can participate in hands-on cooking classes and food demonstrations, to the various specialty restaurants offering diverse cuisines from around the world, Marina’s Culinary Masters’ Cruise is a gourmet haven for those who want to indulge and satisfy their cravings.

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